Laundry Soap for Babies & Children


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Looking to get clean your baby's clothes, blankets, & towels the natural way?
This organic, dirt-dissolving laundry powder formula cleans, brightens, deodorizes, & softens fabrics without the harsh chemicals, preservatives, or dyes most detergents are made of. It is safe for all machines including HE washers.
Since our clothing touches every part of our body, chemicals in detergents, stain removers, & fabric softeners are easily absorbed into our bodies through our skin. Your health, your child's health, & the environment will surely benefit from this Laundry Powder, since there are no harmful chemicals added! It can be used on the rest of your laundry loads as well as your child's.

A suggestion!... This laundry powder soap comes in a bag, but you can easily transfer it to a glass jar bought on Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels.

How about trying an alternative to those chemical dryer sheets? Made from organically fed & treated sheep from New Zealand, these organic wool dryer balls are wonderful for saving drying time, softening & fluffing clothes naturally, saving money because they are reusable, and being environmentally efficient. 4 dryer balls come in an order.

INGREDIENTS: Baking soda, washing soda, organic castile soap, & essential oils.

*Safe on colors & whites
*Creates soft, clean fabrics
*Can clean in all temperatures
*Neutralizes odors on fabrics
*Eliminates the need for bleach & other chemical agents
*Fabrics dry with a clean, neutral scent without the need for fabric softeners
*Safe & non-toxic for delicate fabrics
*Phosphate, preservative, & dye free

20 oz bag and wooden scoop

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